About us

Bens Retail is a flexible and innovative private label producer of processed meats.
Combining artisanal production methods with the highest possible efficiency is our core business! As part of the Vanden Avenne Group we can also ensure optimal quality thanks to total chain integration.



Jambon D’Uzerche 6 kg (regular ham shape)

Jambon D’Uzerche is a flavourful French ham produced according to longstanding tradition in the Uzerche region. Only those hams are selected for use that meet the strict quality standards.

After salting, the ham spends over seven months in special curing and aging chambers.
Cooked ham with tomato and basil

A delicious cooked ham with a fine mixture of tomato and basil. This ham is a tasty addition to the cooked ham segment. Available either pre-sliced in various weights or in slicing logs.